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Naturally Grown Vegetables and fresh-laid eggs delivered to your door.

It's so easy: go to What'sReady and look over the nutritious varieties that are ready for harvest. Then go to Order and enter your selections. (Don't forget the eggs!) Check the DeliverySchedule to see what day we're delivering in your area, sit back, and prepare to enjoy the freshest vegetables (and eggs) in the Denver area.

Click on What'sGrowing to see what else PharmerPhil has coming along that's not quite ready yet (and when it will be). Or drop in to the About page for a little background.

Have your own garden? Gardener'sServices might be helpful. And if you need something and don't see it, go to the ORDER page and let PharmerPhil know what you're looking for. Chances are good PharmerPhil can provide it 

For a peek into the ups and downs of gardening PharmerPhil-style, go to CurrentEvents, and The2012Garden will give you an overview of the results of those ups and downs 

SOMETHING NEW!  Check out the GardenShares page and insert your input.

You and PharmerPhil - partners in a new way of gardening! 

 Just in time for Easter! Fresh laid goose eggs - $2 ea. (4 avail, a/o 3/31).